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Missouri NonProbate Transfers Law

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Your Guide to Applying the Provisions of

The Missouri NonProbate Transfers Law




Updated January 2022



This detailed document will guide you through the process of applying the provisions of the Missouri NonProbate Transfers Law (as set forth in Chapter 461.003 - 461.081 of the Missouri Revised Statutes). Specifically, this document will provide you with an explanation of the law and a detailed general and standard set of instructions to guide you through the steps and procedures required to title your appropriate assets in the nonprobate form to avoid the probate process.



You can easily avoid the probate process for your assets by following the provisions of the Missouri NonProbate Transfers Law as explained in this valuable document. The cost for this document is $175 and to request such document please print this page (using the printer option on your computer or click on the printer icon at the bottom of this page) and then complete and mail this request page with a personal check (made payable to "Michael J. Denk") to:



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(ii) You understand and agree the implementation of the provisions of such law and the adding of the various nonprobate designations to the title of your appropriate assets is YOUR responsibility.
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General Overview of the
Missouri NonProbate Transfers Law
The Missouri NonProbate Transfers Law (enacted in 1989) provides an alternative estate planning technique to that of implementing a Revocable Living Trust, a Last Will & Testament, or Joint Tenancy ownership of assets.
The provisions of such law allow for you to retitle your assets into a nonprobate form, such as "transfer on death" (TOD) and "payable on death" (POD), and thereby avoid the probate process. You may retitle assets such as bank accounts, automobiles, investment accounts and real estate (visit our website at www.MissouriBeneficiaryDeed.com for more information on nonprobate real estate transfers).
The provisions of such law are set forth in Chapter 461 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.
A few of the advantages of implementing the provisions of the Missouri NonProbate Transfers Law include:
(i) The Owner of the asset retains legal title and control over the asset during his or her lifetime.
(ii) Title ownership of the asset is transferred by law to the named Beneficiary upon the death of the Owner... thereby avoiding the probate process.
(iii) The nonprobate designation may not be revoked by a Last Will & Testament.
(iv) The Beneficiary of the asset usually receives a full "step-up" in basis for such asset and usually with no gift tax implications.
(v) The asset is not subject to the creditor claims of the named Beneficiary during the lifetime of the Owner, as no interest in such asset is transferred to the Beneficiary until the death of the Owner.

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